Get Involved: Lepra – Fighting disease, poverty and prejudice

lepra_logoEvery two minutes, one more person is diagnosed with leprosy and starts treatment. That’s nearly 250,000 people every year. The disease is completely curable. However, prejudice around the disease means that many people do not seek a diagnosis early enough and they develop permanent disabilities.

The burden of leprosy in India and Bangladesh is especially high – 60% of the new cases live in these two countries. Families and communities often shun these people and their lives are a constant struggle if they cannot work or even walk or use damaged hands or feet. Marriage is such an important part of a woman’s life there, but many are not able to marry because of visible deformities or just the diagnosis. More than one third of the newly diagnosed people are women and 10% are children.

Lepra focuses on people affected by some of the world’s oldest and most neglected diseases, ensuring that their health needs are met and supporting them to improve their lives and livelihoods.

They work on the frontline in India and Bangladesh and make sure that there is long-term impact in terms of disease, poverty and prejudice.

On average, it costs £25 to change the life of someone living with the consequences of cured leprosy. Will you help by donating, or organising a fundraising event?

Gayle Gover

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