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Here’s a new found  gold nugget that keeps running through my mind on all my dates. Ever since I decided to spread out the bets, it has been like a waterfall!!! Anyhow, well known dogma around dating has taught me that when I go on dates, I’m supposed to be all chatty and up the ante on my enthusiasm level. Apparently to show the lucky guy who happens to have the privilege of dating me that I am the most interesting girl on planet earth that he’s ever met!!!  Experience on the other hand, has (and continues) to teach me that listening and engaging win more brownie points than running my mouth! Ooops!

Let me try and put this thought into perspective. You remember good old Stevie (Steve Jobs)? I think he had more extra abilities aside from his great presentation skills and technical competencies, that is pretty useful to me. Now who would have thought that Steve Jobs would be an inspiration for dating right? Anything is possible with Wise Girl.

Anyhow,  I believe that one of his key qualities that made him even more appealing to the general public was the minimalistic approach he took to everything that he did! He never shared much, he shared just enough to keep us all coming back and anticipating with a keen eagerness about what’s gonna happen next! In doing so, he was able to keep you and I on the edge of our seats, jumping up and down whenever we heard his name or Apple’s!! I have taken a BIG leaf out of his book……

So when Paul, asked me continually what I was doing after our afternoon date, I kept these two lovely lips tightly closed on the real reason, and instead replied with a short explanation accompanied by a broad smile on my face and a batting of the eye lids. You see, he had arranged a late afternoon date to an art exhibition downtown. An afternoon which was proceeded by a glass of bubbly in the bar and a good chat. The afternoon was turning out to be exciting but to my knowledge he only wanted us to hang out only  in the afternoon and had not made mention of extending the date onto an after show event! Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved that but I have plans. As a Wise Girl, I have learnt to fill my diary with activities so my diary is busy!! I think that took him back a little bit because he was expecting me to lay it all out  and give him the details!!  And the old me, would have done so, very easily!!! But as we’re on this path to finding the right kinda guy, saying less is indeed more!!!

So now, thanks to the Steve Jobs effect, I know that the more I hold back on sharing my life in one go the more my dates become intruiged to learn more about me. It doesn’t mean I have to become boring, hopefully not!!!, however  it does mean, more listening and more engaging, putting all the talking on him!! And let’s face it, they LOVE that!!!

Play to win…

-Wise Girl

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