Let’s celebrate choice! #IWD2015 #MAKEITHAPPEN2015

Sarupa ShahRecently a friend of mine created a discussion on Facebook about how skinny models were. Having met a few models over the years I am yet to meet one who forces herself to never eat.

I am sure it happens although eating disorders and body dysmorphia are not just something models suffer from.

She was all het up about wanting to feed these women and change the modelling world. Yes I understand that it is common for people to think this way yet, it was such an anti-woman thing for me to hear.

If someone wants to be a catwalk model and can, let them be.

To tell someone they are too skinny is as bad as telling someone they are too fat, plain rude in most cases. The caveat is if they ask and you are being honest and even then you would tread carefully as the body is a delicate armour.

Telling women how to behave, dress, what industries to work in, and what industries not to, it’s all so boring and archaic. Calling women who aren’t skinny, ‘real’ is a bit of an insult to women and sadly something women say to each other.

Is isn’t it time to stop choosing for other women?

Isn’t it time to celebrate that as women we can choose for ourselves, as still many places exist in the world where that choice is limited or not present and to dislike others who aren’t choosing like you is just a prejudice however much you pretend it is some caring response…

Of course referring back to the models if they were taken with guns to their heads to be models, then yes we can be up in arms, however their choice isn’t something for anyone to judge.

Surely it isn’t to be frowned upon if someone chooses to be at home and not work and be a ‘housewife’ or ‘stay at home mum’ or whatever the correct term is?

If another woman wants to work in trousers all day, so what? You might think like me on this one however I know several women who talk about feminine power and start to get their Goddess-BS fired up. Yet of course they can do that, if they like however where it all goes awry for me is when women tell women what to do because they think it is about feminism.

Surely the crux of feminism is choice?

Live your life on your terms. Having a choice to do so is a wonderful thing and something perhaps that isn’t thought about enough, or at least not celebrated enough.

As this is the month of #IWD2015, why not celebrate choice!

Celebrate the choices you make and women around you make in their lives, both personal and career.

You may not like all the choices others make, you may not even think they are good choices, however it’s not for you to say as you know in your own life making a choice can be a complex and emotionally charged experience.

Of course we can all look back and shudder at some of the things we have chosen, yet clichéd it maybe they are what made us who we are now.

Let’s celebrate choice.

Make March the month you choose deliberately and on purpose.

How to purposefully choose…

  • Don’t react as that can be an impulse that is on repeat. Instead consider and where appropriate ask for more time so you aren’t being pushed into a corner to say YES or NO when you don’t know yet.
  • Consider everything you wish to do, experience, try, learn etc. Make a list and tick at least 1 thing off this month. (I wanted to do pottery classes since I left school and some 20 something years later I am finally doing a half day pottery workshop most weeks!)

Do share in comments what you are choosing this month!

To the magical, maybe mythical yet if it were possible, wonderful sisterhood.

Author: Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award winning intuitive business coach, spiritual mentor and founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with women across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back into their life, career, business and the world. Empowering women in their business and career paths to be strong, successful and soulful. Sarupa coaches and runs events focussed on how you can be spiritually powerful and materially successful. The true path to having it all. If you are ready to claim your success then check out Sarupa here at: www.thesoulagentblog.com and connect with one of the planet’s most sought after spiritual thought leaders and teachers and create your legacy for you and the world.

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