woman-moneyIsn’t it lovely that long gone are the days where men earned the bread and the women stayed home and toasted it!

Ladies its great news that we have so many opportunities to make money independently rather than waiting for an inheritance.   Believe me, it is not unrealistic to realise the financial freedom you always dreamed of if you are prepared to set goals and relentlessly go after them.

Money is the one challenge that most of us fight everyday of our lives. Whether it is having enough in the bank to cover the family shop every week or being able to buy the brand new convertible – money is relative to the individuals’ circumstance.  Generally speaking, people must work for their money, so whether that is as a self-employed business owner or as an employee, money is out there to be had as long as you think clearly.

If you are sitting behind a desk in a 9-5 job depending on financial abundance then I am sorry to say, apart from the privileged few, real salaries are shrinking by 1% a year because pay rises are at the slowest rate in two years and well below the rate of inflation. So dependence on a flawed financial formula of working hard to get a pay rise means too many women will be chasing money rather than making it!

So what about the self-employed?

If making shed loads of money was easy then everyone would be self-employed. Stop obsessing about becoming the next Karen Brady or Alan Sugar you need to start planning about how you are going to make your own fortune.

it is not unrealistic to realise the financial freedom you always dreamed of if you are prepared to set goals and relentlessly go after them.

You need to be clear in your head about your beliefs and attitude to money. If you love knitting scarves or baking cupcakes you won’t achieve full financial freedom if your business strategy is simply to sell the odd one or two to friends and family. You have to think of ways to grow your revenue to the levels that will help you achieve the financial success and stability you crave. Stop taking actions that keep you away from running a financially successful SME. To make money you need a carefully crafted strategy then take action.

It is important to start thinking logically about money – with the head not the heart.  Do not bring emotion in to it – yes you would like to take the children on a lovely holiday, but wouldn’t being self-sufficient enough to be able to keep a roof over their heads and affording them the best education money can buy be a stronger and therefore more inspirational goal?  By all means factor in the holiday – but your thoughts on your finances need to be clear, concise and unemotional.  As a business owner you can choose to have one (success) or the other (stagnation) strategy for your finances.  Yes you could plod along until you get a money making opportunity every few years (if you are lucky) or you could hunt down that profit until it is safely ensconced in your bank account! This is, after all, business.

Have no fear, if there are still a few unenlightened folks thinking like this, rest assured, a computer doesn’t care what sex you are!

Please try to stop obsessing about money.  It is all down to how you think of it. For example, if you stress and worry over not having enough every day then your thought pattern and your attempts to make more will be blighted with this as you think, “I don’t have enough now so how can I even begin to think of how to make more?”, and then panic sets in.  Start by ensuring you have just enough.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and unless you are extremely lucky you will not be making your fortune overnight; planning and budgeting is the first step to thinking financially clearly.

Control any self-limiting beliefs that you hold about wealth. The importance of this is that you can then stop the fear and anxiety about paying the direct debits and start focusing on achieving greater wealth!  Once you have met the basic needs of paying for the bills, the mortgage, the food shop etc. then your mind is free to think big and think positively about how to make more.

Also, don’t forget to kick the business myths to the ground. Outdated attitudes of people only doing business with men are long gone. Have no fear, if there are still a few unenlightened folks thinking like this, rest assured, a computer doesn’t care what sex you are!  A customer buying online has no idea if you are a male or female supplier and the business you founded did not ask whether it would be mainly run by a man or woman before it allowed you to start it – simply put, male or female, money can be made – if you think it right.

In closing, money is out there waiting for you to grab it – so ensure you plan for it rather than wait for it? 

Chapter 3 of “7 Deadly Mistakes to Make in Business” downloadable at www.soniabrown.co.ukallows you to think deeply and concisely about you and your business’s finances.  In business, money is a cold, hard motivator and should not be used or spent lightly. It is important to take the time out to really deal with the gaps in your financial understanding of your business will help you to open your eyes to the bigger picture, the many opportunities out there and the endless possibilities to make more.

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