Life is full of choices …

… and I have chosen.

To lie.

About my weight, height and age.

Let me explain. I weighed the right amount at birth but since then it has been a sharp upward trajectory. I always want and need to lose a stone. So whenever I am asked my weight that stone is always deducted. I reckon it doesn’t do any harm. (Although on a flight to Nantucket Island from Cape Cod on a small plane I had to reveal my weight and worried we would crash because of course my fib (sounds better than lie). Then I realised every passenger had probably done the same and the pilot would have added a ton to the cargo weight. So I relaxed.)

My height:  I always sit up very straight in a chair to give an impression of height except when I stand up and my short legs let me down. But then I married a 6 ft 3ins husband and told him I was two inches taller than I am.  But he rumbled it when I interviewed Dustin Hoffman for a magazine article and he and I were eye-to-eye and I was wearing high heels.

Ah but my age is relevant to any professional woman. When I first arrived in London (from Cape Town) and got a job on a newspaper I went to a press function and sat next to a very prominent newspaper columnist.  We were chatting and I happened to mention that at my age I was thrilled to be at the famous Savoy.  She then proceeded to give me a life lesson.  Here it is.

Never reveal how old you are, she told me, because women get pigeon-holed quickly.

“She’s only 22 so knows nothing …   Oh, 40 year olds think they know it all …. 50 and past it … And so on.”

And once people know your age – they NEVER forget it and add the years you will try to subtract.

I took this to heart as I think it is excellent advice – for all professional women.  As a cushion on my sofa puts it: Age is a number and mine is unlisted’.

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