Lloyd’s of London launches trans and non-binary inclusion guide

Lloyds of London building

Lloyd’s of London have unveiled a guide to trans and non-binary inclusion within the insurance sector, in partnership with Global Butterflies.

The aim of the guide is to improve the understanding of the trans and non-binary community within the industry. It offers advice and resources to those working in insurance to ensure that their trans and non-binary colleagues have a positive working environment.

Marc McKenna-Coles, Lloyd’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager, wrote in the foreword: “Where once trans and non-binary people were less visible, more and more people are choosing new ways to express their gender identity.”

He goes on to say “The overall message of this guide is: be flexible, listen hard and provide your colleagues with allies who will support them all the way.

“With this in mind our trans and non-binary colleagues can continue to work, contribute to our organisations and enjoy a stable emotional work environment – the basics for them to experience equality and inclusion in the insurance community.”

Global Butterflies, who helped develop the guide, works to bring awareness of the issues facing the community to the business sector. Directors Rachel Reese and Emma Cusdin commented, “our hope is to help organisations adopt a zero-tolerance approach to transphobic behaviour and attitudes, while also taking steps to help them become more inclusive in their cultures.”

The guide includes case studies from trans and non-binary people working across the industry, language and terminology that is appropriate to use and explanatory graphics such as ‘The Genderbread Person”, which explores the interplay between gender identity, sexuality, gender expression and biological sex.

Founder and CEO of INvolve, Suki Sandhu OBE has shared her support for the guide, saying: “It’s fantastic to see Lloyds of London proactively supporting and celebrating their trans and non-binary employees. Guides such as this are a huge step in the right direction for creating inclusive and diverse organisations and means employees can be comfortable bringing their true selves to work.

“However, it doesn’t stop there. We need to see other companies follow in Lloyds of London’s footsteps and introduce more inclusive policies. Diversity is good for business and if we really want to change the landscape of the workplace we all have to work together and make it our mission to make all employees feel accepted and included.”

The guide is available online and can be found on Lloyd’s website.

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