Looking back at 2016: Our top career stories of the year

This year WeAreTheCity has gone all out with the aim to make women feel more valued in the workforce by publishing articles on everything from CVs, flexible working and getting a job when you leave university.

Below you will find a roundup of our best career stories this year.

Promotionchange careers featured

The world of promotion is getting harder and harder with you battling against competitors for that all important role, yet we have taken out the stress and hassle with ten easy steps involving fewer hours and more chance of success. Read the full article here.

Looking for jobs

Looking for a job? Do not stress about the New Year, but instead make sure you feel valued in your current business and enjoy your work before you decide to find a new job. When going for an interview you will feel more valued allowing you to have more praise for the company you currently work at. This is seen as positive in the eyes of prospect employers, who will see you as loyal. Read our extra tips in order to bag you your dream job.


Due to all the complications of everyday life it is now hard to find a job that fits in around your busy life as well as making you feel valued in the company. Only 8.7% of salaries over £20k are advertised as flexible, yet this year it was revealed that employers also want more flexible roles. Websites like Hire Me My Way are now trying increase the number of part-time flexible jobs in order to make you feel more valued and more willing to stay with the business. Read the full article on how to find a flexible job tailored for you here.

Staying in your comfort zone

With all the struggles that life brings it is hard to make sense of the mess, but do not worry as everyone else around you is stressed or scared too – yet we all put on a façade to hide the pain inside. Preethi Nair has experienced this and has found a way to cope with it. Click here to read her story.

Getting a job after university

When graduating from university it is hard to find a job with so many people battling for the same position, but we have brought together some useful tips in order to make that degree worth it. Read the full article here in order to maximise your chances of getting a job when you come out of university.

Female ambition

The working environment can be hard for women due to sexism in the workplace and outside, making a lot of women lose their confidence. But in this article Clare Martin, who is a successful HR director, and is responsible for 3,500 employees, encourages women to become more confident in the heavily male dominated world of work, giving women a voice when no one else will listen. Read her top tips for women dealing with sexism at work.

Getting work

Nearly three quarters of businesses request basic skills such as Microsoft Office when looking for potential employees, yet not many people mention this basic skill on their CVs. Here is an article highlighting major things you need to include on your CV in order for you to nab the best job and get ahead in your career. Read the steps here.


The preaching to be kind to each other ever since you were little appears to be ignored in the workplace, with research showing agreeableness and income having a negative correlation. This is due to male stereotypes being disagreeable and assertive, yet when females try this employers see them as deviant. The research also found that women do not want to be assertive as they think it would annoy others. Are you ready to be rude? Click here to find out the simple steps to become impolite and increase your income.


This article was researched and written by Jennifer Claybourn. Jennifer is a student at FitzWimarc School, in Essex, and conducted her work experience with WeAreTheCity.

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