Looking back at 2015: Our top career advice articles

In the third of our installments looking back on 2015, we delve into our favourite and inspiring career advice articles of the year. WeAreTheCity prides itself on having the answers you need to take the next step in your career. Our careers advice section offers the latest and most relevant tips on networking, legal advice, CV advice, interview advice and much more.
Networking Advice
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We believe it is not always what you know but also who you know that progresses you in your career. Whether you belong to external networks, rely on your current circle of friends and colleagues. there are so many ways to promote yourself. If you jump into networking in a positive way, the rewards and benefits are fantastic! In October, we created our short quiz to discover what type of networker you are, in order to find out where you currently are in terms of networking and what you can do to improve.

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Social Media

Social media is crucially important for both you personally and for businesses. Therefore it is important that you have a good grasp of this medium. To many, social media remains a mystery, with many Twitter and Facebook accounts being updated only sporadically, and failing to demonstrate substantial growth or prove their worth. Social Media Networking: the Principles of Persuasion gives you the heads up on making social media work for you, generating contacts among your peers and opening the doors to your dream professional prospects.

Flexible Working

Flexible working is on the rise, with many women turning to it as the demands of working and a busy family life take hold. From arranging childcare to attending parent-teacher meetings to managing bedtimes, juggling a family brings its own challenges – and that’s without factoring in a hectic job schedule. In August, we published five tips for finding the balance between career and family – you can read it here!

Legal Advice

Our resident lawyer, Henry Doswell explained the in’s and out’s of zero hour contracts in November. Zero hours contracts continue to capture the general public’s interest and with it the government’s attention. Zero hours contracts came about as result of the desire by employers to recruit individuals, often for causal work, when they needed extra staff to meet changing market conditions. However, the laws and where you stand can be tricky to navigate through, so Henry fills in the blanks for us.

You can read more about zero hours contracts here.

Career Progression

Perhaps one of the most tricky and difficult things to ask for during your career is a pay rise. Research shows that women are less confident than men when it comes to asking for one. There are lots of articles and books aiming to build your confidence, but we’ve done the hard work for you and consolidated these tips into a handy article!

Entrepreneurs – Business Advice

You’ve done it! You’ve taken the leap and have started your own business. In our Entrepreneurs – Business Advice section, you will find all you need to know about starting your business and continuing to build and grow forward. However, running a business can take over your entire life if you let it, so in March this year we wrote about achieving balance as a business owner.

You can read the article here

Applying for Jobs

Applying for jobs and searching for the next stage in your career can be tough – especially on your morale. Babs Ofori-Acquah, founder of Working Girl London, gives her tips on staying motivated in your job search. She suggests looking to role models to keep motivated in your job search and takes inspiration from Olympian, Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Read the article here

Interview Advice

Bagging yourself that interview is great – it means you’ve impressed and caught someone’s eye, but now comes the hard part. You look good on paper and you need to convey this in person! Interviews can be a nerve-racking experience, but if you do your research and practice techniques then you will be that bit more prepared. In our four part series, we discuss interview questions and how to answer them to land you that perfect role.

Read all four articles here

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