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The Brea kUp Recipe-Munir BelloAs some of you are aware I wrote a book called, The Break Up Recipe. It was written as a result of a very painful break up that left me in dire financial circumstances. The business has gone from strength to strength, notching up 130 5 star reviews on Amazon UK to date, 6700 facebook likes placements in respectable publications in The UK, US, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria and many more countries.

Many people describe the book as funny. It was written to help people through relationship difficulties or break ups. It makes light of the situation and puts a smile on peoples face. Don’t worry it’s not a sugary, marshmallowy concoction of cheese but according to one review “a laugh out loud experience”

The reason that it has had some of its success is due to the punishing work schedule I put myself through over the last 2 years. I lived on 3 hours sleep a day for 9 months whilst juggling a full time job and giving flyers to anyone in the street that would give me the time of day. There were many cold nights spent putting flyers into letterboxes and I’d occasionally go home with blood on my knuckles or out of breath from running away from a fox (I’m scared of them)

My only restriction in taking the book from independent to mainstream success is financial. There is an opportunity for which I have been shortlisted. I have the chance to win £250,000 towards my business from Mr Richard Branson himself as part of the pitch to rich campaign. It gives sole traders like me an opportunity to create a larger business and provide the British public with jobs as well as to make a substantial contribution to the economy. I’d like to allocate some spaces in my business for those who find employment hard to come by such as first time job applicants, university leavers, people who have been out of work because of a long term illness and others who haven’t been given a fair shot through no fault of their own.

If you would like to support my efforts then please take the time (10 seconds) to register your vote on the link below. It’ll cost you nothing and it’ll go a long way toward helping me to share my book with more people.



About the author

Munir Bello is our resident male dating blogger: ‘Men Uncovered Blog’. Each week he will answer the most common questions posed by women about men. Munir Bello is the Author of The Break Up Recipe, A 5 star rated romantic comedy about break ups and relationships from a mans point of view, available on Amazon as a download or paperback. . Follow Munir on Twitter @munirbello1983 or www.facebook.com/thebreakuprecipe

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