Looking to reset your mood naturally? Enjoy 20% off Scentered

Whilst you read this message, sat at your desk or on a tube, or perhaps you have woken up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, ask yourself – how do you feel?

Scentered understand the woes of the modern women and have designed a range of portable mood therapy balms and candles to help you stay Scentered whenever and wherever.  Whether you are travelling on business, juggling the school run, getting to your 9am meeting on time whilst battling every other commuter on the roads, buses, trains or tubes, or just feel overwhelmed by a never ending “to do list,” their range of 100 per cent natural, British made balms and candles can help you claw back just that little bit of time and space to breathe!

Scentered was borne out of frustration with the impracticality of portable aromatherapy products on the market. The brand is divided into six wellbeing categories, each with a combination of active ingredients specifically selected to target a variety of lifestyle concerns, from stress to lack of focus and lethargy. The products can be used individually to target a specific need, or all together to form a personal mood and lifestyle support kit.

Using only the finest raw materials, Scentered restores lifestyle balance naturally, harnessing the time-honoured power of essential oils, without the use of synthetic ingredients. Up to 25 essential oils and botanicals are expertly blended within each fragrance, resulting in a range of wellbeing fragrances that are both highly effective and sophisticated.

Equally as important as the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils is the simple ritual at the heart of the brand, which encourages you to: STOP. INHALE. RESET.

Our friends at Scentered have kindly gifted the WeAreTheCity community 20 per cent off all orders. Visit www.scentered.me and use the code WATCITY20 before 12pm Friday 30th April.

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