Loose Women panelists strip down to “inspire all women to appreciate their body at any age.”

The stars of ITV’s Loose Women have stripped down for a body positivity campaign, baring their bodies for the first time.

loose women

The nine panelists appear in the images without filters or airbrushing, and were photographed by iconic pop-star Bryan Adams, who previously took pictures of The Queen and Kate Moss.

Coleen Nolan, Katie Price, Stacey Solomon and Janet Street-Porter all appear in the photoshoot, with Street-Porter, 70, saying she did it to show “normal is perfectly fine”.

Each woman in the #MyBodyMyStory campaign features a story surrounding their body confidence-issues, with Andrea McClean having C-sections, to Janet Street-Porter wanting to “fly the flag for older women”, and warned all women not to be “brainwashed by the fake images”.

In the run up, the image has been featured as a billboard and the women have been sharing stories about their body issues.

Nadia Sawalha spoke about battling her body demons, saying:

“I have wasted more time than I can to think of over my body issues. I’ve always hated being naked.

“I felt quite panic stricken at the thought of getting my body out in front of myself never mind a rock god! “Stepping into the studio in my bra and pants was beyond cringe.There I was stretch marks, cellulite and all the battle scars of life for all to see with the knowledge that there would be zero airbrushing.”

For Katie Price, the campaign shows what a woman’s body can achieve, explaining that she can’t knock her body because it’s produced five children. “There’s no body the same – I’ve got scars, they’re good memories. We’re all imperfect, all bodies tell a story”.

Coleen Nolan summarised her reasons for taking part in the photo-shoot, saying:

“I hope other women with body shapes like mine feel they can also be proud of themselves – there’s no perfect person in the world – we all come in different ages, shapes and sizes and life is too short to spend it hating yourself because you not a size 8 or 21 anymore.”

The image will be shown on billboards across the UK and Loose Women Body Stories airs from Tuesday 2nd May at 12.30pm.

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