Your Loss: How to Win Back Your Female Talent

A Must Read For Employers of Women in Business.DSC_1531
Top performing business women are turning on their well-heeled shoes and walking out the door of some of the world’s best known companies.

This gender based brain-drain is causing a shortage of women at board level. Around the globe, women are carving out careers on their own terms. In many cases they are starting their own business.

Backed by a global survey of ‘lost women’, this book explains why top performing women in business have walked away from their careers during their most productive years. Their insights provide the basis for a business culture model that makes top performers want to stay.

Your Loss outlines a gender savvy business plan for competitive advantage.

It focuses on leadership, as well the four key business capabilities: passion, flexibility, collaboration, sustainability.

Written by two women who left multinational corporations to become entrepreneurs, this book demystifies the stereotypes and preconceptions around women in the workforce and shows how a diverse, innovative corporate culture has a positive effect on the bottom line.


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