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Don’t despair if you find yourself single at Christmas. Though it can be hard – most single women find the holidays more stressful than Valentine’s Day.


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The truth is most single ladies tend to panic around this time of the year!  Most women stress about keeping up appearances. But stop! You’re single, fabulous and about to have fun. Here are five tips to help you sail through the season.

Decline Invitations

Remember that not every party is for you. Yes, it’s true that the festive season brings the best pickings in guys, and it is also true that you increase your chances by getting out there and being seen. But the truth is not every party needs to be attended. Choose your parties carefully. Some parties cannot be avoided, especially the corporate ones, but for the personal ones, be selective and save your energy for the good ones by not saying yes to every single one of your invitations.

Don’t Be Desperate

If you’re hoping to meet a guy, keep it on the down-low. Subconsciously, eagerness and enthusiasm can send signals of desperation to guys. The good guys would use this season as the time to meet desirable ladies with an eye for good things to come, but the bad nuts will play on the moment to their advantage. So beware.

Positive on the Inside

It goes without saying that a positive inside, leads to a positive outside, and whatever you feel inside comes out on the outside. The last thing you want to do is to feel down because you’re single around this time of the year. Get a spring in your step, because good things happen to the happy single girl.

Careful with Friends with Benefits

I can’t help but also point out that convenience could end up being more expensive in the long run, so don’t fall into the trap of turning your guy friend (especially one with benefits) into your Christmas lunch date. Yes, you may want to avoid the family jokes and snipping comments, but tricking your guy friend to come with you on the family Christmas break as your date is a bad idea. He’s got to do the ‘work’ to get you out as a date. Friends with benefits have consequences, most of them not so good.

The Sisterhood

Your girlfriends are a good thing! If you find yourself staying behind in the City, get some girls around you and just have a good time. Go shopping, enjoy the City, take a day trip to Paris, or visit a country Christmas market. And most of all, laugh more. It makes you look good!

Keep these highlights under your hat when socialising this Holiday!! I would be! Looking forward to sharing with you all again in 2013!!!

Enjoy the Holidays!

From me to you

Mandy xx

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