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Are you the type of person that’s always in a rush to discover a new place for a fantastic meal? But are you also on a constant search for a bargain?

company_logoLove Fine Dining is the online destination that will satisfy that hunger. Some online restaurant directories try to have comprehensive lists of all restaurants, regardless of their quality. Others provide decent discounts, but customers have to do loads of research to work out whether they actually want to visit the establishment at all. Many people simply don’t have the time to take in all this information to organise their night out.

Love Fine Dining solves this problem. It is a clutter free website providing a simple list of restaurants that has been handpicked by the team at Love Fine Dining. Our group of foodies visit every restaurant before deciding which should be featured. There are no endless reviews, no long lists to search through. It provides just enough information for those who to make a quick, reliable decision. Customers will find everything from Michelin star restaurants to casual eateries waiting to be discovered. Hundreds of restaurants are listed on the site, with new additions every month. Not only that, Love Fine Dining is filled with exclusive offers, giving consumers the chance to save money while experiencing great cuisine.

The site was founded by a group of young professionals who were fed up with outdated websites with outdated information, cluttered with adverts that made looking for somewhere to eat an unappetising mission. This team have spent months taking a culinary journey around London’s food scene, mingling with top chefs and taking a pilgrimage to food festivals around the country, before setting up Love Fine Dining.

All that knowledge and good taste goes into handpicking restaurants for More venues, deals and special offers will arrive in the coming months as Love Fine Dining plans to expand into more cities throughout the UK.

Exclusive Signup Deal

images_business_image_140903212104When you sign up to you will receive access to the following fantastic deal at the Red Fort Restaurant


25% off from the a la carte menu | Valid For: 2 – 8 People

Starts: 1 January 2015

Ends: 18 March 2015


  • Sun 16:00-22:30
  • Mon-Sat 17:30-23:00

25% off from the a la carte menu | Valid For: 2 – 10 People

Starts: 1 January 2015

Ends: 18 March 2015

Availability: Mon-Fri 12:00-14:30

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