Love a lark? Try these employment roads less travelled

Do you want a dull as ditch water, buttoned up, white collar drag of a job, or a position that’s exciting, oddball and filled with thrills, spills and heaps of interest?


Indeed, many of us trap ourselves in the world of boring jobs for fear that we’ll fail in our passions, not get paid enough or have to push ourselves to the limits.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few left-of-centre career options that you’ll excel in – and make a tidy profit.

Zap those follicles

There are some people who wake up looking like the Wolf Man, but even hairier. They shave their face, their body and legs, but by the next morning they resemble Burt Reynold’s hairier cousin.

You can help them out. Set up a laser hair removal business and you’ll be able to charge a princely sum to scythe hair at the root.

After you’ve aced one of many accredited laser hair removal courses, your treatments will be able to last up to six sessions. It’ll rake in the cash and give you the chance to do some good – even if it’s a little odd.

Pick up a pen and paper

It might seem like an impossible dream, but becoming a writer simply involves putting pen to paper. While you’ll initially need a side job to support you, writing can become a fulltime profession if you apply yourself.

Whether you’re a budding young novelist, a have-a-go blogger or a thoughtful, erudite poet, anyone can become a writer – they just need to find their market and work as hard as they can.

Shop till you drop

You might think personal shoppers only exist in the movies but, if you’ve got a good eye for style and detail, you can make that dream a reality.

But people won’t just hire you on a whim. If you want to make real big bucks, you’ll have to build a load of recommendations and positive testimonials. Start by letting a few friends use your services gratis and take a few steps from there.

Get gaming

If you love nothing more than lounging around playing World of Warcraft, then here’s some good news – you could be getting paid for your time.

Games testers spend eight hours of their day playing the same game, searching for bugs or exploits that could ruin the immersive experience.

Your wages won’t be brilliant, but you could use this opportunity to crowbar your way into the industry you love. So, get gaming – you won’t regret it.

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