Lucille Mayer, CIO of Client Experience Delivery, talks technology and women in leadership in Diversity Careers magazine

lucille mayer bny mellonLucille Mayer, CIO of Client Experience Delivery, was recently featured in a Diversity Careers in Engineering & Information Technology management column on how leaders approach change.

“Lucille is leading exciting change at the global investments company,” the article said. “But she’s also a leader in helping women achieve leadership – and helping everyone achieve success.”

Lucille is essentially responsible for all of the company’s client-facing technology, regardless of function. Her eight direct reports, whom she refers to as “partners,” are responsible for teams that include almost 900 professionals, including technology developers, technology product managers, project managers, business analysts and more.

“Our corporate CIO (Suresh Kumar) decided that we had to reestablish our solution delivery process to put our clients front and center,” she said, adding that consumer technology companies have set a new standard for user interaction. “People want to have the same kind of service from us as they get on Amazon, for example. We take these issues and innovation opportunities seriously.”

In addition to being a technologist, Lucille said, she loves working with people and cultivating talent. Last year, she helped create a Women in Technology program that focuses on helping women at BNY Mellon manage their careers, generating exposure for what they do and attracting more of them. “Eighty percent of financial decisions involve women, but only 23 percent of the technology population is women. Something’s wrong with that equation.”

Throughout the piece, Lucille portrays BNY Mellon’s brand as diverse, inclusive and innovative.

“There is a lot of change going on here,” she said. “BNY Mellon is a 230-year-old financial firm, but it’s almost entrepreneurial here inside. I’m really excited about it. I want to be sitting here in five or 10 years saying, ‘Wow! I was part of that!'”

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