Lucy Mecklenburgh on running a business, dealing with anxiety and why her mum is her biggest inspiration

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Results with Lucy
Lucy Mecklenburgh is a reality star, author, fashion designer, fitness coach and entrepreneur.

The Only Way is Essex star sat down with WeAreTheCity to discuss her business, Results with Lucy. The company offers fitness and nutrition plans specially created for women with advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Mecklenburgh tells us who she looks up to, how to deal with anxiety on a daily basis and gives advice to women looking to start their own businesses.

Results with Lucy has enjoyed enormous success since it started – Tell us where the idea was conceived and how you went about launching?

The idea was discussed between myself and Cecilia Harris, my friend, personal trainer and now business partner, during one of our training sessions. We both agreed there was a gap in the fitness market for people like me that were quite intimidated by a gym environment.

We wanted to help people who found it hard to stay motivated, train regularly and who struggled with time to get to and from the gym, attend a class or a PT Session. We also wanted to make sure there was a lot of variety and more motivation than a 1 hour kick-start at home fitness DVD.

This lead us to come up with the concept of an online platform with hundreds of varied video workouts, recipes, structured programmes and motivational videos to keep people engaged and not bored of the same routine.

There are no expensive sign up fees & long-term subscriptions, no need for child care, travel time or expenses and no one can see you train so you can literally work out in your pyjamas in the comfort of your own home.

How much of Results with Lucy are you involved with behind the scenes? 

I am heavily involved with the running of Results with Lucy, I am in the office most days. My main focuses are creating new content, social media plans and the development of new programmes and recipes. My favourite part of the job is discussing and creating ideas together with the entire team and getting excited about new projects with them!

In addition to this, I do modelling campaigns, TV work, attend media events and run a fashion boutique so I do have to split my time between them all. Luckily for me, I have an incredible team that I trust and know I’m in safe hands delegating to.

Recently, you bravely spoke out about dealing with anxiety. How did this affect your business?

Anxiety caused me to worry I wouldn’t be taken seriously

It’s something many of us deal with and some on a daily basis. For me, when setting up my business as a 21-year-old female in a male-dominated business sector, I panicked. It caused me to feel extremely anxious and worry that I would not be taken seriously. It did not stop me from founding Results with Lucy but it did stop me in tracks for a second.

What advice would you give fellow entrepreneurs who may be dealing with anxiety?

Results with Lucy

Acknowledge the anxiety and learn ways to deal with & reduce it. Make sure you don’t stay in your comfort zone due to your fears, challenge yourself on a regular basis and reward successes along the way, not matter how small.

Find something you are passionate about and let your passion drive you- not anyone else’s opinions.

You’re a fitness guru, fashion designer, author and TV personality. How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance with juggling so much?

I haven’t quite mastered this yet! It’s a weekly challenge to be honest. However, I have realised no matter how busy you are, always make time to see friends, family and unwind. I don’t see my work life as work as I enjoy it. So much so that sometimes I realise I haven’t seen my family for weeks and then need to make a conscious effort to spend more time with them.

It’s like training, taking rest days are just as important as the days you train, you just have to find a realistic balance.

What strong women do you draw inspiration from?

My mum. When I was younger, my dad worked full-time and my mum had 3 part-time jobs while bringing up 3 children. That is an inspiring balancing act which lead to some core values I stand by today.

At home, it was instilled in us that if you want anything in life you have to earn it yourself. Never rely on anyone else to do it for you.

As a woman with a huge social media following, young fans and now a professional audience too, how do you think you can create positive change as an influential individual in the industry?

We need to focus our efforts on encouraging, empowering & giving inspiration!

It’s taken me a long time to realise my purpose on social media. I want to help motivate women to be more active, healthy, confident and reach their full potential.

Social media is the most powerful modern-day tool to inspire millions, but it needs to be used correctly.

Going forward, are there particular projects that you’re really excited about at the moment?

At Results with Lucy we are looking forward to a really exciting new year! 2018 will be our 5th year anniversary and will have some of the most exciting projects to date!

My With Self Love 12-week free confidence course, created to help deal with anxiety and build self-esteem has been my greatest achievement of 2017.

When we created the course, we hoped to help maybe a hundred people but we now have thousands doing the course. The main thing I am proud of with this course, is the response we have received. It’s helping raise awareness and helping people talk openly about their anxieties.

It focuses on questions like What is it? How do I reduce it? And reassures people, I am normal! I’m not alone! I want this course to help reduce the stigma so no one has to suffer in silence.

What advice would you have for young women looking to start their own business?

Be patient, be passionate and don’t let money drive you. Find something you love doing or a unique idea but remember that you can’t be an expert in everything, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Market research is key, get feedback even if it’s just from friends, family or colleagues.

It will take time, it will be hard work, you will have difficult decisions to make and experience knock-backs.

However, remember to stay positive, stay driven and reward yourself for all the successes along the way, no matter how small.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Results with Lucy

With Self Love

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