Coach: Lyndsey Oliver | Founder and Director of M4 Coaching and Life, Executive, Corporate and NLP Coach

Lyndsey Oliver M4 Coaching

Specialising in the coaching of females, career-committed parents and maternity/paternity coaching.

I am the Founder and Director of M4 Coaching. As an accomplished and experienced business leader, corporate coach and facilitator. I am passionate and committed to making a difference for my clients. I specialise in creating and delivering ‘real-life’ coaching programs specifically designed to improve the progression, performance and retention of females and career-committed parents both in the workplace and at home.

I work with my clients to define, embrace and embody their authentic leadership self, to plan and progress their career and overcome any barriers they may face along the way. The key to a successful outcome is to achieve tangible, positive and sustained results to enable them to perform at their very best both personally and professionally.

Back to Work without a Bump® is a maternity / paternity program that has five key stages to support parents through pregnancy, maternity/paternity leave and their return back into the workplace. It focuses on embracing the opportunities and overcoming the challenges that they may face from the point of announcement up to 18 months post return. The demands placed on working parents vary and are ever changing throughout their careers. It does not matter if a child is 18 months or 18 years old, change will be ever present and there will inevitably be issues to overcome. This coaching intervention is designed to support career-committed parents to be their very best in the workplace as well as at home.

How to find M4 Coaching

Prime Locations: London, Thames Valley and virtual.

Coaching Profile: Life, Executive, Corporate, NLP

Average cost per session: Coaching rates may vary depending on location, duration and number of sessions. For further details on my coaching programmes and up to date fee information, please email me directly at [email protected]



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