Coach: Lynette Allen | Managing Director of Her Invitation Ltd


With Lynette’s unrivalled experience in coaching and developing executive women, (supported by her popularity as a speaker and broadcaster), she has founded a unique programme for Women of Potential called ‘Her Invitation’.  As an authority on ‘developing women for leadership’, Lynette has put together a unique 6 step plan to enable women to take charge of their own careers and move upwards in the workplace.

Her experience means she has coached women all over the world on topics surrounding female advancement. Her engaging and insightful approach provides a solution to the same issues which repeat themselves over and over again in business.  Her flagship workshop ‘Her Invitation’ addresses these issues head on and delivers improved productivity, loyalty and performance from women in business.


A sought after speaker, Lynette has a passion for changing the landscape for women in the workplace and has addressed thousands of women all over the UK following the publication of her first book back in 2004.

Her humour and engaging style cuts across women in all business sectors as she reveals how women all too often stand in the way of their own success, the secrets of moving upwards in a business world created by men and she’s not above exposing her own tales of real life experience juggling work and family.

Her natural charm and affinity with women who work means she is an entertaining but also enlightening speaker.

You can book Lynette to speak on topics to do with advancing women, gender balance, how women hold themselves back plus hear her views on how the corporate landscape will change over the next 20 years.

“You were absolutely excellent, perfectly pitched, perfectly delivered and entertaining too” Alison Beach, Institute of Directors

“Inspirational, relevant, informative, totally authentic,and hugely entertaining” Gabrielle Blackman Shepphard, Direktion Coaching

“Wonderful speech, a brilliant evening made very special by you”  Janet Sadler, Institute of Directors

“Lynette, it’s been a long time since I have met a fellow female in business who has really inspired me. I love your energy, focus , toughness, humour and gentleness – so many skills” Catherine McPherson, Tangelo Consulting

“She rocked!”  Emma Sexton, SheSays

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