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Female Business Travellers, a social life-saver

Have you ever found yourself alone in an unfamiliar city whilst travelling for business, either stuck in your hotel room eating room service or feeling uncomfortable whilst dining alone in a restaurant? Well there’s a fantastic web site launched by web-entrepreneur Carolyn Pearson who’s determined to make business travel more fun, safe and social for women travelling alone.

Carolyn headshot3Carolyn is fun-loving, sociable, loves to travel, is a bit of a tech-geek and she mentors other women in IT. Whilst she was working as Head of IT for ITV Productions she found herself in LA/Hollywood visiting Paramount Studios on a business trip and whilst it sounds glam and as we all know, LA is fantastic city, it’s not really a place you can go out and explore by yourself as a woman. So Carolyn came up with the idea of creating a global network which enables women to meet up and socialise in their spare time whilst away from the office.

The idea is that you register your travel dates in advance and then either women travelling to or living in the same city can contact each other securely through the site and arrange to meet for dinner, or some other social event through the site.  All members who sign up to the site receive a security call to ensure that membership to the site remains strictly female. also recommend  female friendly hotels, many of whom offer special offers and discounted spa treatments for members, travel safety tips and advice, interviews and travel blogs. now has a global membership and also runs a corporate membership programme so that women across international offices within large organisations can keep in touch and meet through the network. Membership to is free and comes with a  range of benefits including discounted pre-paid parking with Q-Park,  discounts on airport hotels, lounges and parking with APH and monthly competitions for ladies who actively use the networking feature.

Other ways you can get involved include recommending your favourite female friendly hotel, great, cool places to meet in cities around the world, international, cultural working, shopping and safety tips and advice.

Carolyn would also be delighted to come in to your organisations to tell you about the corporate member benefits by:

  • Speaking to your HR or Travel Procurement team
  • Running brown bag lunch session
  • Speaking at your corporate women’s networking events

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