photo-192014 has come and gone. With a new year comes a new opportunity to commit to your health and happiness… a time to set new goals for the year ahead.

Unfortunately, by mid-January most people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. So, to help you achieve your goals, here are some tips to help you achieve success and have an extraordinary year.

Don’t just speak about what you want to achieve. Write it down. When you commit it to paper and make it visible to see every day you will be much more focused on reaching your goals.

Create an action plan. Plan your entire year. Write out your goals for the year and then break them down into smaller, more achievable goals. This is a great way to measure your progress, and progress equals success.

Make sure you get enough sleep. We all start the year with great enthusiasm, but this can lead to us being burnt out by the middle of the year if we don’t get enough rest and recovery.

Move your body every day. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do what your body is designed to do, move. So what makes you come alive. When you empower your body, you will empower your life.

Eat clean and get lean. Limit your starchy carbs. Eat lean protein, fresh vegetables and salads. Reducing your calorie intake is also essential if you want to reshape your body. Reduce the quantity and increase the quality of the foods you eat.

Drink 2-3 litres of water per day. 70% of your body and 80% of your brain is made of water, so you must stay hydrated if you want to get the most out of your day and achieve your goals.

Stick to your plan, pace yourself, stay motivated and be consistent with your diet and exercise. Momentum is king!

Wishing your love, health and happiness in 2015.

Yours in health and happiness,


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I'm Jean-Pierre De Villiers, otherwise known as the 'Reshape Coach'. I am fanatical about fitness and all the things that come with it, most importantly optimum health and happiness. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and taking value from what I have to share. Most importantly I hope that you will apply what you learn. The Reshape Coach Blog. . Follow JP on Twitter @ReShapeCoach, facebook

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