Make the Wrapping of your Wedding Gift Just as Special as the Contents

GiftsToday it’s easier than ever to find a gift for the newlyweds in your life. Shoppers can simply locate a couple’s registry listing through the Internet right from the comfort of their home.

Other websites allow people to donate funds towards a specific cause, such as the couple’s honeymoon, or their efforts to buy a house of their own, and then designate the donation as a wedding gift. Whatever approach you take; there are several creative ways to make the exterior wrapping of your gift just as meaningful as the item itself.

Color Schemes

White, silver and gold are very popular in terms of wedding gift wrap. The goal is to craft a celebratory look without going overboard, and those three colors do an excellent job of showcasing classic elegance. However, you don’t have to stick with them exclusively. Think about purchasing wedding gift wrap in those colors, then adding a flash of another complementing hue by selecting a large bow or curled ribbon.

Tissue Paper Isn’t Just Padding!

Far too often, tissue paper serves as little more than a way to protect the gift and prevent it from being broken. However, if you put some thought into it, you can use tissue paper to strengthen the overall presentation of your wedding gift. Experiment with layering the paper so that the recipient’s anticipation will build as they progress through the unwrapping process. You can even select several colors of paper and use them simultaneously for a visually striking outcome.

Printed tissue paper presents another interesting option. Graphical prints such as those that include pictures of wedding bells or hearts pay tribute to the occasion that’s being celebrated. If you’d rather use tissue paper decorated with a word or phrase, those choices are available too, and you may even be able to get something personalized with the couple’s name or wedding date.


Is there a place or thing that you always associate with the people who’re getting married? If so, try to incorporate that into your gift packaging. Many online and traditional stores that specialize in gift wrap sell accessories such as charms that you can tie onto the handles of a gift bag, or paper cutouts of silhouettes inspired by animals or flowers.

Depending on how long you’ve known the couple, you may have a relatively easy time coming up with an appropriate theme to go along with your gift. If you’re successful, you’ll really make a memorable impression among a sea of other gifts on the table at a wedding reception.

Take your Time

If possible start making gift wrapping plans months before the wedding. Strategize about the gift wrap first, and then work the actual present into your plans later on. If you’re really feeling creative, you can let the gift wrap offer a gentle hint to identity of the item itself, or let your mischievous side take over and try to tease the recipient by keeping them guessing about what lies beneath the tissue paper right up to the moment that they start unwrapping it.

In closing, remember that gift wrapping is a work of art, and never something you should do in haste. Your patience will be clearly evident in the outcome.

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Lisa Merritt writes for several craft blogs. To make your gift even more beautiful use specialty tissue paper.

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