Making space for the good stuff By Katherine Baldwin

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In recent weeks – just in time for the New Year – I’ve let go of a few things.

First, I gave up a two-day-a-week job that gave me a regular income but was getting me down. It was secure and comfortable but well beneath my skill set, my capabilities and my earning potential.

I have no idea where the money will come from in 2015 but I trust that as I create space in my life for more fulfilling, better paid work, that work will come along and fill the gap.

And as I challenge myself to walk through the fear and ask for the things I truly want – a magazine column, a publishing deal – those things will come too. If they don’t, I can be proud of myself for aiming high and accept I’m meant to take a different path.

It’s a leap of faith. I’m moving out of my comfort zone. But I’m delighted I’m not starting the New Year hiding in a job that no longer serves me.

As the late Nelson Mandela said:

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Second, I let go of a lovely relationship with a kind, caring, attractive man because I felt I deserved to be with someone who shared the same dream – to have a family some day.

It was a tough call, especially at 42. But I knew that as long as I stayed in that relationship, there’d be no space in my head, heart or life for any other man. Having created that space, I can only trust there is someone out there to fill it.

Third, I’ve let go of belongings that are no longer fit for purpose. I’m clearing out my wardrobe to make room for clothes that reflect who I want to be – someone with healthy self-esteem.

I’ve always loved that expression, ‘Dress for the job you want, not the one you’ve got.’

I’m also clearing clutter and junk from my home so I feel lighter and to make way for the beautiful things I deserve to have around me. I hope this will also prepare me for a move to the coast, which is where my heart is leading me.

Letting go can be scary. It’s often easier to stay stuck, to play it small, to cling to things or to people we know we need to release.

But making space for new opportunities can also be exciting – it opens us up to a world of potential and possibilities. Change is good.

Paulo Coelho said:

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal.”

So as the New Year begins, take a look at your life and ask yourself what needs to go. Is it clutter, a job, a relationship or an unhealthy behaviour?

Then, imagine your life without that clutter, job, relationship or behaviour. How does that feel? Really, how does that feel? Freeing, frightening, exhilarating?

For many of us, there’ll always be fear, doubt and second-guessing. We’ll give something up and then want to take it back. How many times have I put an item of clothing in the charity bag, only to whip it out again and put it back on the shelf?

But if we can sit with the feelings of loss and process our fears, often we’ll find that they pass.

So this New Year, I encourage you – safe in the knowledge that you’re not alone, that you’re in the company of women who are bravely making space for the good stuff – to loosen your grip on what no longer serves you.

And then, when you’re ready, go on … let it go.

About the author

Katherine Baldwin is our Maybe No Baby Blogger. She is a writer, storyteller, coach and speaker. As a coach, Katherine specialises in helping professional women navigate the world of dating and relationships and fall in love. She also helps men and women follow their passion and transition into more wholehearted, fulfilling lives. Katherine is writing a book about her journey from 40 to 45, a period during which she came to terms with being 40, single and childless, overcame her fear of commitment and her perfectionism and learned to fall in love. You can find out more about her work at, read her blog at and follow her on Twitter @From40WithLove

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