Managing Stress in the City: Why it really is good to talk

Stressed-Woman-300x198If you’re worried about how best to deal with workplace stress you might be interested in some of the latest research that guides us on how best to deal with work pressure. You’ll be surprised that it is something we all can do. Well, the advice is that you should simply talk to colleagues more in order to reduce the physical signs of your stress.

Did you know that the more you can talk to meaningful people at work like your line manager or trusted colleague about your workplace stressors it will have a physiological calming effect on the body as well as helping you to get something done about an issue.

My favourite piece of research in this area is a study done by Emily Heaphy and Professor Jane Dutton at McGill and University of Michigan respectively. Their paper called Positive Social Interactions and “The Human Body at Work: Linking Organizations and Physiology” in Academy of Management Review. The authors examined the literature to show how the body’s systems are supported by positive relationships at work. Their review of the literature showed how physiological effects such as a reduction in blood pressure, strengthened immune system and heart rate decreases are linked to the more occasions that individuals get to speak to each other about stressful situations.

So in essence despite it being likely that you will encounter the typical causes of stress in the workplace and that the signs of stress are quite easy to detect. Remember that the process for reducing the stresses go hand in hand with the actions that you might likely take to resolve some of the practical issues that form difficulties at work. From my perspective I know that it might be easier said than done as not all managers have a natural affinity to positive relationships in the workplace. Similarly not all employee feel easily inclined to talk to managers about difficulties they face.

My practice helps both managers and employees or business owners in talking about difficulties and gaining practical tools and techniques for making their workplaces less stressful through talk. If you want to learn how your situation compares with others in The City, please complete this informative 11 question survey and sign up to receive notification of the results.

Glenis WadeGlenis Wade puts employee wellbeing in management and leadership development. She is a university business school lecturer, hands on educator practical trainer and executive coach. Read more about her work here

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