Managing Stress in The City: Your physical signs of work pressure

alg_stressed_business-woman-300x209In my previous blog post I got you to consider your working environment and complete a test to see if it might be stressful. But it is also important to consider whether the stressors you may be experiencing is showing up in your health, some how. In essence how do you know you are suffering from stress?

The box below shows some of the physical signs of workplace stress (from HSE).

Physical Signs of Stress Pressure

Stress in the city

But remember many of these conditions might also be related could also be characteristics of other health conditions and not solely linked to workplace stressors. The most important thing is to be mindful that there are behavioural solutions to workplace stressors. This means that what you do and how you ask for help can help reduce the symptoms of stress as well as potentially getting something done about that systematic, functional or behavioural stressor in your workplace.

If you’d like to take a survey to find out if your signs of stress are like what others experience please complete the poll here.

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