Marcello: Love in the City

The first novel by ‘Marcello’ – the popular dating blogger from WeAreTheCity.

Marcello is a successful London professional. He is also a dating blogger in search of true love.

As a sociable, thirty-something City worker Marcello shouldn’t have any trouble finding a girlfriend. Only he is having trouble – lots of it – and he has no idea why.

Perhaps it’s something to do with his bumbling demeanour, or maybe it’s his overzealous approach to online dating. Whatever the reason he chronicles his misadventures with granular precision.

As Marcello’s dating blog gains traction, his career starts to slide. He unwittingly makes an enemy of his sociopathic boss and has to fight for his job. With his professional life in jeopardy he draws closer to his only true friend at work, the steely, enigmatic Jess. But as the office war rages he begins to wonder if it’s all worth it. Moreover, he wonders if he’s ever going to find The One.

Based on the popular blog on the women’s business networking site WeAreTheCity, Marcello: Love in the City is a funny, heartwarming tale for anyone who’s ever struggled to find love online, or toiled in the corporate world while dreaming of escape. It is a story of modern life in the capital, and of finding love in unexpected places.

You can purchase his book here.

Below you will find sections of Marcello’s book, which we are featuring on WeAreTheCity.

Marcello 1 |  I wanted to be the king of dating bloggers

Marcello 2 | My friend mocked my dating blog

Marcello 3 | My date was glued to her phone all night

Marcello 4 | I tried to charm an icy colleague

Marcello 5 | The day I fired a family man

Marcello 6 | My date with an East London hipster

Marcello 7 | Why women prefer my brother over me

Marcello 8 | The day I asked out a work colleague

Marcello 9 | My hellish date with a work colleague

Marcello 10 | This is how men talk about women

Marcello 11 | A ruinous date in gentrified South London

Marcello 12 | I ridiculed myself at a networking event

About the author

Marcello M is our male dating blogger. Follow Marcello M @MarcelloMLondon

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