17/05/2016 – Masterclass: How to Say What You Really Want to!

In this masterclass you will develop your ability to have honest conversations to improve working relationships and to avoid misunderstandings.

A course that teaches unique communication skills proven to improve working relationships.

During the masterclass you will:

  • Learn how to manage different colleagues’ opinions in a diplomatic manner
  • Develop a shared language with a challenging colleague
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback that people will thank you for
  • Learn how to ask the most relevant questions to get to the heart of an issue
  • Use the most precise language that helps avoid miscommunications

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Improve working relationships
  • Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings
  • Increase ‘office confidence’
  • Think laterally
  • Access a toolbox when there is a miscommunication or unaligned goals

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You often feel you are ‘not heard’ and easily misunderstood
  • You want to improve working relationships through developing a common language, increasing empathetic abilities, and by learning to ask relevant questions
  • You want to overcome misunderstandings and avoid ambiguous communication
  • You want to know how to say what you really mean

Your Trainer: Janet Tarasofsky

Have your words ever lacked their intended purpose and clarity? Perhaps they have even been misinterpreted when building a business relationship? You are not alone…. Miscommunications are the number 1 reason behind office politics and poor business relationships.
Janet is an award winning speaker determined to help people express themselves more effectively with precise language. She helps people travel more comfortable between the blurred lines of communication and improves working relationships by reducing common miscommunications.
Janet believes that sharp communication is the best way to keep people motivated and engaged. Janet has 18 years’ experience in the consumer goods industry developing and marketing products around the globe. She has worked for small and large size businesses and created over 500 products in her career.Masterclass

Event Details

Location: TBC London

Date: 17th May 2016

Time: 9:30 – 16:30

Price: £360.00


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