Maximise your potential ǀ A Moody’s & WeAreTheCity event ǀ In words

Moody’s and WeAreTheCity held their, ‘Maximise your potential: brand + network = future success’ event at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, yesterday evening (21st October 2015).

The event invited female analysts from financial services, technology and consultancy sectors, for an evening of learning and networking. There were a number of topical and important discussions throughout the night, and practical exercises also got the crowd networking. These included table career brainstorms, facilitated by Barclays and WeAreTheCity India’s, Caroline Graham, with live feedback from panellists Sarah Carlson, Andrea Daniels and Vanessa Vallely.

panellistsAmongst the subjects discussed in the brainstorming was how to raise the profile of a career in the credit and financial industry and how to encourage more women to want to pursue a career in credit. Speaking on the topic, Carlson, Senior Vice President for Moody’s Sovereign Risk Group, said, “It’s socially acceptable for girls to say that, ‘I am bad at maths’, but never at English – we need to encourage girls to stick with quantitative subjects.”

“We need to encourage them to put their hand up. Encourage them to take a risk.”

Carlson, herself, has established a career within the industry and is responsible for a portfolio of credits in Europe including France, Spain, Belgium and Slovenia. Fellow panellist Daniels is also experienced within the credit sector as an Associate Managing Director for Moody’s Structured Finance Group. She also leads the EMEA Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) team.

attendees standing

WeAreTheCity’s Vanessa Vallely was the keynote speaker of the night, and spoke to the attendees about the need to develop a personal brand and the importance that it holds. She also encouraged the crowd to embrace the power of networking, talked of the importance in social media and what could be achieved through connections.

The evening was closed by Moody’s Managing Director of Structure & Finance, Annabel Schaafsma and ended with the invitees networking amongst themselves and with the panellists, taking away the tips of the event and connecting with new people.

Moody’s Investors Services is a bond credit rating company and is considered of the ‘Big Three’ credit rating agencies. They support employees and students through their charity, Moody’s Foundation, which aims to make a ‘positive difference in the lives of our employees and our communities around the globe through philanthropy and employee engagement.’

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