May 2015: Morgan Stanley Economist discusses returning to work on BBC Radio4 Women’s Hour

Morgan Stanley-logoAn Executive Director and macroeconomist in Morgan Stanley’s London Research Department recently appeared on BBC Radio4’s Woman’s Hour as part of a segment on the success and staying power of return to work programmes.

Carmen Nuzzo, who took a career break in 2007 to care for her family, joined the Firm after participating in Return to Work 2014 as part of London’s inaugural class. Morgan Stanley’s 12-week paid internship programme, which first launched in New York early last year, provides opportunities for skilled professionals looking to re-enter the workforce.

Carmen learned about Return to Work in London after attending a one-day Morgan Stanley Return to Work workshop in the spring of 2014. The one-day event included sessions on interview tips and techniques, as well as networking opportunities. She said the workshop was “a real confidence booster” after being out of the financial workforce for seven years and was helpful in thinking about the skills she had acquired during the period she wasn’t working.

In terms of providing advice to other professionals looking to re-enter the workforce, Carmen encourages others to embrace Return to Work opportunities. She also discussed the importance of management support in ensuring success of Return to Work programs. “I was very lucky to find managers who were extremely supportive and guided me throughout the process.”

Click here to see the entire Woman’s Hour segment and scroll down to the “Returnships” chapter to play the interview.

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