Meagan Good dated like a Wise Girl!

Did you hear  how Meagan set herself up to find Mr Right?  Like her, before she had her eureka moment, I too had a misunderstanding about  the true love path!!! But then just like her, I turned into a WiseGirl! Here’s the thing, Meagan developed a set of  high convictions for what she REALLY wanted in her next relationship… And you know what?  She GOT what she wanted!!!

l was speaking to a number of other WiseGirls (this movement is taking off!) off line and many wondered what my turning moment was, i.e. what switched on my light bulb!! I pursued to share with them what I call my ‘frog stories’ which I will share with you too  – there are  so many of them that recounting all in one conversation would probably crash this site. However they all have a common link!   Experience is indeed the best teacher but don’t get me wrong… experience has taken me on a painful, very painful journey!! I will share one  frog story with you just so you get the point!

When I first met Jacques, a French stallion at an event sometime back, I was smitten by his displayed bravado and what appeared then as intelligence. He did look the part but girl, appearances are indeed deceptive! A day after I met him, he called me to ask me out on a date.. I stretched him along for a couple of days but then he brought up his winning card – ‘a leaving town for a week or so and would love to meet up with you before then’ card!  Well I didn’t know what I know now about the game nor had I read the Rules book, so I naively  agreed to this date, thinking that if I missed it, that would be the end to Jacques and me! –  Now I know better!!

On our date I thought we clicked on all levels… We shared so much within the 3hour walk in a very romantic park downtown!!! Girl, we talked about  our pasts, potential future, talked shop and spent more than 2hours speaking about his new business! I was so smitten by the potential future that I didn’t realise that my date had turned into a business consultation!!! See, back then, I thought I was helping the poor sod sort out his life frustrations!  I was rolling and rolling and rolling with ideas non stop,  and he talking and talking and talking, taking it all in and piling up more problem cases! .Our date felt so good that we took the conversation to a cafe nearby, and I was so smitten that when he  asked if I had money to top up for paying the bill, I overlooked the nauseating question!.  I had a bit of my game plan in play back then, although it was not as polished as it is now!  He ended up paying for the small bill in the end!! That ladies, should have been my running away card!   I felt super exhausted when the date ended but then I thought I was doing all that in the name of searching for my love… and I also felt and thought that he was into me too after all that  we shared!! But then, he went away as he said he would (or maybe he never did! who is to know?), but he never got back in touch!! After all that I went through!

There are many and many of these stories that I could share with you! But the point that I am trying to make here, as I did with the other WiseGirls, is that although this WiseGirl path is somewhat difficult to pursue sometimes, given the language and world of men (manese) I find it useful to have a game plan and a high conviction list, just like Meagan, to guide me through this Journey!  For after all, it is up to us women to define what we really  want when dating because men do not get as emotionally attached as we do, especially when they are also on their love path, searching for Mrs Right!  Women have all the power to define the GAME!  I’m just learning how to combine the cards

I love you for reading and sharing…

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