Men are Romantically Different, Period!!

Whatever anyone says contrary to this fact, lift your hand up, palm facing them and say ‘Speak to the hand’!!

The unfoldings of the week has led to the conclusion that men, given their natural tendencies, need to be approached strategically whether we’re looking for him to turn  dating into a relationship and the relationship into marriage!! Following on from what appeared to be an exasperated post last week, I am slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that the Journey Model is in fact one that needs to be held onto,  fast and strong. Here’s the current scoop.

I agreed to a second date with Mr A. Let’s remember that after a long spell between the first and second date, 1 month to be precise, I moved Mr A from ‘general universe’ to Priority List. Why? he ticked all the boxes, (I thought) during the apparent vacuum between the first date and the second date, he kept appearances, via text, might I add! which kept me interested…. I’m even ashamed to admit it!! Date night came. Either by natural arrangements, fate or whatever we call it,I ended up at his house  a little bit later than scheduled.. Given that I’ve been yapping all about him over the month and by the fact that he has been moved him to the priority list, my very active brian automatically assigned him to the upgraded relationship status!! WRONG!! Big mistake…. Sitting in his living room, I made myself super comfortable on his couch quickly and over 2 glasses of red wine, shared a chunky deal of my story with him. Suffice it to say the conversation was too long as I left his house at the early hours of the morning!!! One major thing that came out of the evening though is that he’s a floater!! Well job wise he travels a lot but internally he has issues about settling down in one place on this earth!!

Anyhow, the next morning, we caught up again over the phone and he reveals that he’s skeptical about moving forward as it is very likely that he will not be here come September!! We’re in February now!!! Also between now and that dreadful September he’ll be travelling a lot over seas..then he goes onto say he may even meet someone on his travels…….so forth and so on…. To conclude the very long conversation,  as I am a really nice pretty girl, stuck here in one location, it’s probably not a good idea to continue on…..

Err duh!!!! Wake up call!!!!

I traced my mind back to the first time I met him, I appeared the least interested in dating him.. This made him chase and chase until he got the first date out of me. Post that stage, I may have suddenly turned into the comforting, understanding woman again, applying the Journey Model to some extent (with him) and not so much in other areas! Did I end up making him loose the challenge perception? Maybe!!! This obviously goes to prove that perhaps the Journey Model is worth the investment of time and patience because after all and no matter how we really want to soothe him of his fears and welcome him in our lives, men are emotionally wired differently and therefore to get that right man that I am really looking for, I need to stick to the Journey Model…

It’s back to the universe pool to find more Mr A’s…


About the author was created to test out a new phenomenon!! We hear of countless stories where women (and many women around the world) go on a date, maybe once or twice…. get to know the guy and then as soon as she makes up her mind that this is the guy that she would like to have in her life… the guy suddenly turns cold towards her!!! Sounds familiar? What happened? How did this nice guy who was pursuing you countlessly suddenly turned cold the moment you started to show an interest in him? Why did he change his attitude? Why did he stopped calling, stopped texting, cancelled the date (with an excuse— I’m sick! and never called back)

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