Menopause transition: effects on women’s economic participation | Government Equalities Office & Henpicked

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Henpicked created a comprehensive, best practice toolkit with the Government Report on menopause at work authors and employment lawyers.

Whether it’s overall planning, line manager training, colleague events, communication and engagement materials, ready-made and tailored for individual organisations.

The research examined:

  • To what extent is the menopause transition a problem for working women, and what is the nature and scale of the problem in the workplace and wider labour market?

  • How do the symptoms of menopause transition, attitudes of workers experiencing the menopause transition, and attitudes of employers impact on women’s economic participation?

  • How can women employees experiencing the menopause transition be better supported?

  • Can the economic costs of the menopause transition on women’s economic participation be quantified? If so, how?

  • What are the key evidence gaps relating to the menopause transition and the workplace and/or labour market?

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