Merryn Darkins | PMI

Merryn DarkinsFollowing the completion of her BA History and International Relations in 2010, Merryn started working for Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd as a Human Resources Assistant. During this time she built up her responsibilities and abilities to support the organisation by providing accurate and professional HR advice and guidance. After four and a half years Merryn made the decision to move to a new company to continue gaining experience and contributing to an organisation’s success. She moved the position of HR Services Executive at Philip Morris Limited which is a stimulating role within a diverse and challenging organisation.

Merryn is a dedicated member of staff with extensive knowledge of key HR legislation. She has a professional and informed view of the commercial world and an excellent ability to communicate effectively from Board level to shop floor.  She has challenged existing processes and implemented many new ways of thinking in terms of employee relations particularly focusing on encouraging support of work life balance, improving managerial capabilities and reducing employee absences. Within her HR roles Merryn has been keen to improve the percentage of females within the top levels of organisations, and working towards ensure all avenues are available and open for women.

Outside of her passion for HR Merryn is extremely enthusiastic about charity work. She has volunteered for several charities during her career and currently supports two animal charities. She is on the events team for Hounslow Animal Welfare and assists with the organisation of annual events to contribute to the charity fundraising. Additionally she is responsible for carrying out home checks for Cyprus Pride House to assess potential adopters and delivers adopted animals to their new homes. It is extremely important to Merryn that this exists out of her working life so that she can contribute back to society.

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