MI6 launch campaign to attract more diverse candidates

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MI6 has launched a video campaign with the hope of attracting applications from more women and ethnic minority candidates.

The intelligence agency will showcase its new campaign in cinemas across the country and features a mixed-race woman in her twenties going about her everyday life, without knowing she is displaying qualities needed to work at MI6.

The ad concludes saying she could be an intelligence officer. The branded ad is also a first for the agency who normally use unbranded advertising.

The campaign is a deliberate move away from the stereotypical white male who went to Oxbridge, shoots guns and is equipped with technology and gadgets. MI6 hopes that the campaign will also move them away from the James Bond stereotype.

Alex Younger, Head of MI6, said, “There is a perception out there that we want Daniel Craig, or Daniel Craig on steroids.”

“He would not get into MI6.”

“We don’t want to be the SAS. The brand has attracted a lot of good people.”

“But it has also put off equally fantastic people.”

Younger continued saying, “My message has always been simple: MI6’s success is thanks to our people.”

“I want everyone to know that, regardless of background, if you have the skills we need and share our values, there is a future for you in MI6.”

“I want people to see our advert and know that there is a place for them in our team.”

“We need to reflect the society we live in.”

“Simply, we have to attract the best of modern Britain.”

“Every community from every part of Britain should feel they have what it takes, no matter what their background or status.”

“We have to stop people selecting themselves out.”

MI6 has recently been at the forefront of promoting diversity within its employees. It was recently revealed that the ‘real life Q’ is a woman, while they have featured on Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers for Workplace Equality for a number of years.

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