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The Edison
A terrace? Really? With a view of the top of Times Square and, if I look the other way, the Hudson River? I think I can hear the opening bars of Alicia Keys’s ‘New York’ as I take it all in.

The Edison Lobby

The thing is, if you’re going to New York City, there’s really only one way to do it properly and that’s with a stay slap-bang in the centre of town. The Edison, a beautiful, historic Art Deco hotel practically in Times Square, ticks this box – and plenty of others too. For a start, as a solo woman, you feel very secure: the 24-hour security in the lobby stops everyone heading for the elevators (that’s lifts, by the way) and checks their ID and room card to ensure they’re hotel guests. Want to see a show or eat at the latest ‘It’ restaurant? Just speak to the concierge, and – hey presto – it’s sorted.

Hotel Edison Signiture Suite

If you have a day of meetings ahead of you, you will appreciate the good night’s sleep you’re almost guaranteed in the Edison’s big, comfy beds. Wake to a full complement of C.O. Bigelow bath smellies – gorgeously scented and a range that includes so much you can pack light – and a good, strong, American shower to set you up for the day. The hairdryer packs a punch, so you don’t have to waste time faffing about, and there are stacks of pillow-soft white towels – even if you only use a couple, having so many creates a luxurious sense of indulgence.

The Edison Gym

Need a computer? Forgot to print out your boarding card? Head to the 24-hour business room, which is right next door to the hotel’s open-all-hours fitness suite, where a roomful of brand-new machines are waiting to give you a work-out.

You can easily eat your way around the world in New York and food is never more than an arm’s length away. If you’re not sure where to go, once again, the concierge is your in-the-know go-to. Though there are two in-house restaurants on their way this year at the Edison, there is also a Denny’s (a fast-food chain) right next door, where you can get a perfectly fine breakfast.

Did I hear you say shopping? Well, of course. You couldn’t come all this way and not take yourself to Fifth Avenue, just three blocks away from the Edison and home to every label you can think of, from the budget-friendly Uniqlo to the eye-wateringly priced Prada and the largest Valentino outlet in the world – as well as everything in between. There’s really no excuse for not coming back with at least a few new pieces…

Times Square

Being so well-placed means that you can reach most of the city on foot and there’s always so much to see, from the not-long-completed One World Trade Center to the High Line, a park created on a disused elevated train line.

Although I was born and raised in New York City, there’s always something I haven’t yet seen or done and I make it my mission to see or do something new every time I go back. This visit it was the Brooklyn Bridge’s turn. Just over a mile from start to finish, you get fantastic views of the city, there are information plaques along the way – as well as a separate, raised walkway, so you’re never in any danger of meeting a car – and you’ll end up in Brooklyn, now officially hipster capital of the world. Actually, on second thoughts, you might want to just hop on the ferry and get straight back to Manhattan…

Edison Hotel Terrace

A final tip: if funds run to it, I would definitely recommend booking a suite with a terrace at the Edison. A little outdoor space all to yourself is a rare luxury in this crazy, nonstop, hustle-bustle city and there’s nothing like a nightcap on a summer evening, listening to the sounds of the city and channelling Carrie Bradshaw as you review your day in the Big Apple.

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