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Mihaela Diaconu Change CoachMihaela, Change Coach, is an enabler of positive change, for leaders and their teams in the fast evolving world of work today. She helps them change behaviors which are “past their due date”, with the objective of continuously achieve better business results and become adept at “adjusting their sails” to take better advantage of opportunities in their environment and the marketplace they operate in.

Mihaela has worked in the corporate world for 17 years in product, project and operational management roles; for multi-unit structured businesses and with people from all continents and multiple nationalities- being based in London, UK. She also helps Leaders during Career Transitions and throughout Career Challenges to achieve clarity and focus their efforts in the right direction.

Mihaela is a coach who supports and challenges her clients in a balanced and productive way, focusing on helping them making a real difference in their world. She walks her talk, and strives in achieving measurable and sustainable results with her work.

Professional Experience as a Change Coach

Mihaela has graduated Nuclear Chemistry at the University of Bucharest, and has started her business career during her university study years, being a manager of a 25 people team. Before moving to London she has consulted as an external consultant to several small hospitality businesses in Bucharest, helping them build their unique customer proposition, and increasing market share. Some of those businesses are still operating after all those years, on the strong foundation created then. Her career signature has been turning businesses around, from financial underperformance to financial over performance by taking advantage of all vital factors impacting the business, identifying and taking advantage of opportunities, and develop teams and individuals to achieve the right capabilities to withstand the future challenges.

During her corporate career in London since 2001, Mihaela has managed operational teams, cross-functional teams, and has consulted internally, advised and supported local, regional and national teams on people engagement and performance, processes, systems and customer engagement strategies with a strong commercial and business results focus. The teams have spanned at times over several divisions, and over different geographical areas within the UK. Mihaela has utilised a coaching approach throughout her career, building engagement, achieving great business results, and helping people align successfully their efforts with the company’s strategy. She found supporting people to develop their capabilities, and working on improving helpful behaviors to have been the most rewarding part of her work. As a result, she decided to qualify as a Corporate and Executive Coach, and moved on focusing fully on her coaching professional career in 2013.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Certified Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Global Leader of the Future 360 Assessmen
  • Corporate and Executive Coaching Diploma, endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK
  • Psychometrics: DISC qualification
  • Foundations of NLP

Client’s Testimonial

“The coaching sessions with Mihaela helped me define my values and look for opportunities more aligned with them, and that helped me with my career transition brilliantly, and more importantly, I now feel more prepared for professional challenges that might come in the future.”

Agatha Mattos, Operations Manager

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