Millennials feel under-appreciated and dissatisfied in their careers, according to independent study

A study has found that only 30 per cent of Millennials felt supported by their employer, and are generally unhappy within their careers.
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The independent study was conducted by business psychologist Susan Scott, who assessed 61 UK-based 21-32 year olds. She asked them to rate their working life on a one to five scale, with five being most satisfied with their career.

Scott asked the recipients how stressed they feel day-to-day, whether they felt supported by their management and if they had room to grow within their industry, amongst other career-related questions.

The results concluded that the participants generally felt dissatisfied with their careers due to a lack of communication and support.

60 per cent of participants felt that they didn’t speak to their manager about career goals, whilst nearly 50 per cent said they didn’t feel supported by their employers.

76 per cent of respondents to the question “To what extent does your career define who you are?” chose a positive answer, affirming that young professionals see their career as defining of their character.

However, just 24 per cent of those surveyed felt that their managers were supportive of their career aspirations, leading to the risk of mismatched expectations and growing disappointment from both employer and employee.

One respondent commented:

“Once a year for performance management and this is done as a tick box exercise. Aspirations aren’t taken seriously or nurtured.”

30 per cent claimed to be unsure about how to make their career a success, with respondents stating, “Having fairly quickly risen to middle management level, I’m now struggling to see how to push forward and either specialise enough or broaden my knowledge to become a head of level.”

The results are explored further in Susan Scott’s book, How To Have An Outstanding Career.

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