Mink&Stone is a new website that allows users to create their own jewellery

MinkStone-LOGODo you love unique jewellery but lack the time to find great pieces that would match your outfits?

Look no further! Mink&Stone is a new website that allows users to create their own jewellery. It’s a fun and easy experience that allows you to choose from exciting jewellery styles and a huge assortment of high quality materials.

The options are endless, so if you have a specific outfit or look in mind you can create the perfect piece of jewellery. Alternatively, you can simply choose from designs created by other fashion lovers.

We are always looking for exciting new fashion concepts. With the Mink&Stone website you can create unique pieces for every occasion. All pieces are carefully handcrafted in the UK.

What a great Christmas gift idea! Design a personal piece for your friend or loved one, or simply send them a gift card and let them create.

Here are some examples of how the design looks on the jewellery design site and how it comes out as finished product.

Silver Foil Princes £44.98

Silver Plated, Brushed Matinee £78.40

Onyx Cube Matinee £40.98

Give it a go. Create your own piece of jewellery on Mink&Stone

About Mink&Stone

miisamark3Mink&Stone was started in 2014 by Miisa and Mark Mink in London. They found their inspiration for the business deep in the grand bazaar of Istanbul during a short vacation. At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, local jewellers combine their rows of colourful materials with the hustle and bustle of a thriving marketplace to create wonderful bespoke beaded designs.

Mink&Stone wants to re-create that wonderful experience with a modern twist, providing a broad range of high quality materials on-line, so users can have fun designing their perfect jewellery.

“We believe the concept will revolutionize the way fashion is created and bought. It’s not just about buying a product, it’s about being involved in the whole creative experience.” says Miisa Mink, founder and creative director of the company. “This taps into the growing trend of personalization and expressing your own unique style.”

Mink&Stone customers bypass the traditional style paths dictated by the fashion industry and their buyers encouraging women to set their style free. Anyone can be a designer, anyone can create their own unique look.

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