More To Life Than Shoes: How to Kick-start Your Career and Change Your Life


By Nadia Finer & Emily Nash


Do you dream of changing your life, but you’re not sure how? Want a more rewarding job, your own business, a chance to make a difference or the push to do that thing you’ve always wanted to? It’s time for a little less aspiration, a little more action. More To Life Than Shoes shows you how to ditch your doubts, find your inspiration and make that shift.

This book is packed with amazing stories from the women who’ve done it: the student who blagged herself a job as a rock journalist, the housewife who started a global charity, the accountant who jacked it all in to become a wing-walker, the mum who got the idea for a multi-million pound invention from a carpet stain, the novelist who used a spilt-personality to create a best-seller, and loads more. Packed with smart, practical advice on transforming your life and finding your thing, More To Life Than Shoes will give you the confidence and inspiration to finally start making your dreams happen.

‘Read this and realise you can do anything. Go girls!’ Martha Lane Fox

‘Great inspiration from those who have hurdled their way to success’ Sarah Beeny

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