More women in the C-suite produces more innovation | Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School Core InsightsThe pressure for gender diversity in public positions and private companies has never been greater, with countries such as France, Sweden, and Germany even bringing in quotas for company boards.

Indeed, Norway has required boards to be 40 per cent women since 2003. But this push for women in the boardroom has not filtered down to the C-suite.

The German Institute for Economic Research found just eight per cent of executive positions were taken by women in the top 200 non-financial companies in the country in 2018. And according to the European Institute for Gender Equality women amount to 17.6 per cent of executive positions of the largest listed companies in the EU, with Cranfield University reporting just 10.9 per cent of executive roles in the UK’s FTSE 100 were female.

And yet it is in the C-suite where women create the greatest value for companies.


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