Mum & Career Network (UK)

Are you a professional working mum? Are you looking for a life-style that works for you and your family? This is your first stop. Mum & Career is the not-for-profit web community for professional working mums that shows combining career and children can be done. We inspire, support and inform mums with ambition.

All the work on the site is done voluntarily so we can bring this to you for free and help you find a better work-family balance.

What you can find on our Mum & Career (

  • Practical information, tools and tips – on flexible working, starting your own business, returning to work, childcare and women leaders
  • Inspirational real-life stories – from working mums
  • Great selection of links –  updated regularly, only organisations and websites we really like
  • Event-listing – development programmes for working mums, women leaders, mums returning to work and mums starting their own business
  • Share your experience – does it work for you? and what do you love or hate?
  • Learn from other working mums and experts

You don’t have to sign up, it is open to anyone but we do like it when you contribute to our community by leaving comments or contribute with ideas and questions in the Open Forum.

Workshops and events

We offer workshops and events for professional working mums, such as a ‘Returning to work’ workshop and ‘Local business start-up’ event.

Our story

Mum & Career was launched early 2011 by Inge Woudstra and has been growing fast. Inge started it as, to her astonishment, she found the tension between family and career is still a big issue for most women.

When she moved from a full-time job to a free-lance job, gaining more flexibility, she turned to the Web for support. She found brilliant places for support on parenting, but not much about work. However, in The Netherlands – her home country – a lot of working professional women were offering support and inspiration to each other on-line. She decided she wanted to offer UK women the same opportunity.

Making life easier for professional working mums has now become her purpose and passion. Inge is absolutely passionate about the unique value and power of women. She loves encouraging women to jump and enable them to go for their own free work-family choices!

Social Enterprise

Mum & Career is set up as a social enterprise, not making any profit. At the moment all work for the community is done by volunteers – mostly working mums themselves. We believe that it is the best way of building a valuable, comprehensive resource, with many contributors: A community that is aimed at sharing, rather than at promoting particular products, services, views or life-choices.

Mum & Career draws in further expertise and experience from a group of editors, writers, researchers, experts and working mums. Most of them contribute on a casual basis and voluntarily invest some of their time to bring a great resource to you. Join us too!

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