Munroe Bergdorf becomes the first transgender woman to be in a L’Oréal UK campaign

Monroe Bergman
Activist and model Munroe Bergdorf has made history as the first openly transgender woman to land a campaign with L’Oréal in the UK.

Bergdorf will star alongside Katie Piper, Cheryl Cole and Gary Thompson – the first boy to star in a campaign for a beauty brand, as part of the #YoursTruly True Match campaign.

In her first video for L’Oréal, Bergdorf said that it was a lack of transgender representation that made her want to take part in the beauty campaign.

“I definitely set out to empower girls like me,” Bergdorf said. “I think that our history definitely wasn’t being told.”

“Not many people know that it was trans women of color that fought for gay rights, that started the Stonewall Riots, which eventually led to the gay rights movement.”

Munroe began living as a woman at the age of 18 and started making her transition at 25 years old.

Bergdorf released a viral Facebook post announcing her part in the campaign, explaining that stories about the trangender community are never positive:

“If we were portrayed on television or in films, it was solely in tragic storylines or with our gender as the punchline of a joke.”

The model said she hoped to change that with the L’Oreal campaign.

“Thank you L’Oréal Paris for giving me this platform,” she wrote.

“I hope it reaches another little eight-year-old trans girl and makes her feel a little more hopeful and a little less scared about her future, than what was installed in me when I was her age.”

Bergdorf is starring in L’Oréal Paris UK’s latest campaign to celebrate the brand adding five new shades designed for people of colour to the True Match Foundation range this September.

“The world is changing,” Bergdorf wrote, “and I like how the world is changing.”

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