The Muse Retreat

The Muse Retreat for women

Effective, unforgettable, fun: The MUSE Retreat is the end of boring corporate away-days, death by power-point and “I’d rather be in the office” off-sites. Say “Hello” to the future of leadership development: by women, for women.

Do you want to up-level your career?

The elements of The MUSE Retreat provide a holistic range of talks, workshops and activities addressing the specific needs of women on their journey of professional growth. You will build leadership skills, boost your confidence and accelerate your career progression: all amongst inspirational and luxurious surroundings that will make you feel special…and a million miles away from the city..! Add to this the chance to build strategic relationships with other women, who will continue to support you at future MUSE networking events in  central London.

We believe the world would be a better place with more female decision-makers leading business, governments & other organisations

MUSE is committed to helping you reach your career goals and fulfil your leadership potential. In the modern workplace it is essential to support women on their journey to the top. Offering a bespoke range of development and leadership development initiatives, our mission is to develop the next generation of female leaders.

Women must lead as women: Authenticity is power

Our services are especially designed for high potential women, who want it all. Balancing work with a family and social life has never been easy, but we are here to support you and equip you with the skills, capabilities and mind-set you need to succeed. By focusing on strengths and building on uniquely feminine sources of competitive advantage, the MUSE Retreat develops authentic feminine leadership. No longer will women emulate men to get ahead. Your feminine traits are a strength for modern leadership, not a liability!

The MUSE Retreat is tailored to women’s individual development needs

Our unique approach is to develop the whole woman, merging professional development with a voyage of personal discovery. We have created a three-day retreat especially designed for delegates’ ultimate development experience. A selection of the following elements will be delivered at a residential event: the next one is at the Cotswolds’ sumptuous Greenway Hotel and Spa. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, grow and hear from some of the UK’s leading experts and trainers. We all want you to get that next promotion and win the role you deserve!

Before The MUSE Retreat

Individual Assessments

Leadership / Premium Development
Online Personal Strengths Profiling

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During The MUSE Retreat

Leadership Development:

[tab_item title=”Talks”]

  • Set yourself up with a Resilient Mind-set
  • Stress-Management and Cross-Cultural Integration
  • Developing Innovation and an Entrepreneurial Mind-set at Work
  • Case Study: How did she do it? Leading men in Asset Management
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience

[tab_item title=”Workshops”]

  • Feminine Leadership: Authentic, Emotionally Intelligent, Transformational Leadership
  • Stakeholder Management: A TA (Transactional Analysis) Perspective
  • Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation
  • Boost Your Confidence to Lead

[tab_item title=”Activities”]

  • Inspirit: The Holistic Leader
  • Endurance & Confidence Building Challenge
  • Enhance your Feminine Intuition and Creativity
  • Leadership Communication: Resonance with Followers


Career Progression:

[tab_item title=”Talks”]

  • Achieving Guilt-free living and Life/Life Balance

[tab_item title=”Workshops”]

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy: Removing Limiting Beliefs & Adopting Empowering Beliefs
  • Creating and Communicating your Personal Brand
  • Maximise your Personal Presence
  • Group Career Coaching: Next Steps?
  • Strategic Career Progression

[tab_item title=”Activities”]

  • Strengths-Based Networking
  • Create a Compelling Vision of Your Future
  • Effective Goal Setting


After The MUSE Retreat

One-to-one Executive Coaching with NLP
MUSE Meet-Ups and Networking Events in London
Entrepreneurial and Innovative Mind-set Development Assessments
Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Resilience Development Assessments


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