Muslim vlogger challenges women to understand her exclusion by wearing hijabs

A Muslim vlogger has asked women to wear hijabs for fifteen minutes in order to understand how it feels to be excluded from society.


The video comes as part of a campaign with Channel Mum- a YouTube community for mothers. Nilufa Dahlia appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote the campaign, explaining that she decided to make the video after she was attacked in her local supermarket.

A fellow shopper shouted abuse at Dahlia, saying she ‘made his skin twitch’, after seeing her in the scarf. She also expressed difficulty in making friends, as people seem reluctant to befriend someone wearing a headscarf.

In the video, Dahlia, based in Brighton explains:

“Many people think Muslim women are forced to wear the hijab, but we’re not,”

“It’s a purely personal choice. Taking up the hijab is supposed to make people concentrate on you as a person rather than what you look like, which should lead to more understanding.

“It’s also supposed to deflect unwanted attention, but sadly right now it can often mean you get more unwanted attention of the wrong sort.”

A Channel Mum survey of more than 2,000 women found that over fifty per cent of Muslim women claim to be lonely and that other people are wary of approaching them.

It also found that 35 per cent of non-Muslims say they are cautious about approaching a woman in hijabs.

Dahlia concluded:

“Plenty of people wear things on their heads – from baseball caps to elegant hats. From Dot Cotton in ‘EastEnders’ to The Queen’s scarf, covering your hair really isn’t a big deal.

I want people to see past the scarf and see the person.”

Watch the full video below:

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