Muslim Women’s Network (MWN-UK)

Muslim Women's Network LogoThe Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWN-UK) is an independent UK-wide network of women to share knowledge, connect the voices, and promote the needs of diverse Muslim women.


What are the aims of MWN-UK?

  • To share knowledge, experience, best practice and opinions among Muslim women and those working with them in order to strengthen Muslim women’s ability to bring about effective changes in our lives.
  • To bring Muslim women’s diverse voices to Government, and to gather information relevant to Muslim women’s lives in order to ensure local and national policy meets our varied needs.
  • To raise the profile of individual Muslim women and support organisations by highlighting their achievements and showcasing diverse role models.

What do we do?

  • Develop information packages to support the work of Muslim women’s organisations.
  • Build Muslim women’s capacity to advocate for their rights.
  • Answer information requests from individuals and organisations.
  • Research and collate information regarding issues of concern to Muslim women.
  • Elicit Muslim  women’s views and respond to Government consultations.
  • Pro-actively raise Muslim women’s key concerns on topical issues through the media.
  • Network nationally with other women’s groups, and internationally with women’s movements in other Muslim contexts.

What are the MWN-UK’s vision and values?

“Our vision is of a society where Muslim women can have an effective voice and the opportunity to contribute equally to wider society.”

Our Mission: “A UK network of women to share knowledge, connect the voices, and promote the needs of diverse Muslim women.”

This requires:

  • Empowering Muslim women
  • Recognising the diversity within the Muslim community
  • Encouraging the equality of Muslim women
  • Valuing opinions of Muslim women at the grassroots

Why join MWN-UK – and how will I benefit?

  • You will be invited to participate in MWN-UK workshops and meetings.
  • You will be consulted on your views on issues that not only affect Muslim women but the Muslim community as a whole which can then be forward to Government.
  • You can share knowledge, skills and good practice with Muslim women’s groups across the UK.
  • You will be kept informed of events and activities relevant to your work with Muslim women.
  • You will be invited to attend MWN-UK’s Annual Meeting at which you can help shape the MWN-UK’s priorities and its institutional development.
  • In the long run MWN-UK aspires to collaborate with a broad range of groups that share our vision.– this will provide the opportunity for Muslim women’s groups to make links with such organisations to pursue goals that are common across the board.
  • Lastly, you will be a part of a country-wide network that provides its members encouragement and support in their work, and friends you never knew you could reach!

Join the Muslim Women’s Network today.

Contact Details:

Arena View
4 Edward Street
B1 2RX

Tel:  0870 6263 786
Fax: 08712 775 704
Email: [email protected]

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