MY Food’s Favourite Cold Remedies – Part 1


The common cold is one of the most talked about subjects during the English winter. Everyone has their own tips on how to make themselves feel better during this ‘sniffley’ time.  We think the best cold remedies are not the ones you can find along the cold and flu aisle, they are in fact natural ingredients.


This beautifully smelling vegetable is one of our favourite ingredients, as the little bulb explodes with flavours and glorious smells to complete almost any dish! Garlic is believed to act as an antioxidant and destroy free-radicals (these are the active oxygen molecules that damage cells…but I’m sure you already knew that), so add garlic to fight your cold. It also fights those unwanted kisses underneath the mistletoe.


We are now heating things up with a slightly hotter kitchen spice. As well as helping to control the quantity of free radicals, it is also a vital ingredient in our home made Thai Green Curries. Try adding a slice of fresh ginger to hot water or your favourite herbal tea. Ginger is said to help treat the coughing and fever than often accompanies colds and flu.

Look out for next week’s article for more of our favourite cold fighting ingredients.

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