My week in numbers

Miss Bouquet

  • 55 hassle-free minutes flying from London City Airport to Angers
  • 50 wines tasted
  • 48 delightful hours in the Loire Valley
  • 30 sunny degrees temperature
  • 23 hundred hours, the time the sun completely set in the Loire
  • 4 winery dogs met
  • 3 not to be missed restaurants-only-locals-know discovered
  • 2 days at the office

and one wine to look out for……

With the exception of our last winery visit to the isolated artisanal winery Domaine de la Tuffières in Lué-en-Baugeois, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how many of the wines we tasted from these little French appellations are already imported into the UK by some of our most respected wine merchants. Most are sold to restaurants around the country but one that’s readily available and worth looking out for when you’re next in Waitrose is: Château des Vaults, La Jalousie 2010 Savennières. At £14.00 a bottle its more expensive than its’ South African Chenin Blanc contemporaries but’s it’s in a whole different class of its own.

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Leonnie has worked with the WATC team for over 5 years. Leonnie also runs her own Design company

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