It’s National Work-Life Week 2016 | 3-7 October

Working Families are once again promoting well-being at work by bringing National Work-Life Week to the workplace.

From the 3- 7 October 2016, employers are encouraged to organise activities for staff and enable flexible working policies in order to create a healthy balance of work and home life. Work-Life

The campaign is an opportunity for employers to demonstrate how they look after their staff, and support the wellbeing of both internal and external employees.  Major companies such as Lloyds, Direct Line Group and Centrica took part in 2015 and now we are encouraging comapnies to get involved to improve employee engagement, family-life balance and work motivation.

National Work Life Week encourages workforces to leave on time, on Wednesday, and subsequently upload a photo of their watch to social media. This comes after statistics show that one in ten work for over fifty hours a week and that 29.3% of surveyed workers blamed long working hours as a cause of their stress. The campaign supports and pays close attention to signs of stress in the workplace, and finds solutions through it’s practice.

In the National Work Life Week Toolkit, which you can download here: , the Chief Executive of Working Families states: “Gone are the days of long hours in the office being a measure of dedication…flexible ways of working produce better results for business.”

Your Timeline for the week:

4 October: Attend the Working Families’ national conference in London, which announces the top 30 Employers and showcases the best practices from previous award winners.

5 October: ‘Go Home on Time’ and share the evidence that you’ve left at the end of the working day!

6 October: Book a place at the employer Conference in Glasgow and hearing from leading Scottish employers about promoting our practices. You can register on for a place at this conference or the London showcase.

Finally, use the hashtag #timetorebalance on social media to show that you’re part of the campaign.

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