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When beset with an unpleasant task like doing dishes or raking the leaves, many modern people turn to podcasts to make their day-to-day more bearable.

The time melts away on long commutes, during bathroom cleans, or during that 10k training when the right podcast is on.

Some of the most popular podcasts tell the listener stories. Often these are tales of resilience and personal motivation on the part of those telling the tale. However, the majority of these podcasts have listeners live vicariously through the exploits of others rather than asking them to focus on themselves.

There is a subset of excellent podcasts that have another mission — their goal is to create introspection in the person listening. The hope is that these are instructional, inasmuch as they give someone taking in the podcast some action steps toward improving their own lives. recently put together a list of the 15 most well-known and top rated podcasts in this genre, analyzing their best episodes and giving just a little information about each of the hosts.

Depending on your personal taste there is sure to be an offering that is right for you. Some, like “The Hustle Sold Separately,” are specifically focused on financial well-being. These often have elite entrepreneurs as guest who have advice designed to help those who are looking for some ideas on how to move forward with their career.

Others have emotional growth as a focal point. “Happier” with host Gretchen Ruben, for example give tips on developing improved personal habits that will make you more calm and live a more fulfilled life.

Whatever you need, check out these podcasts that will make the next time you have to walk the dog into something that has a kick of inspiration.

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15 Podcasts on Resilience

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