More needs to be done to encourage girls into ICT, say tech industry leaders | Girls in ICT Day

The tech sector needs to do more to encourage girls in ICT, technology leaders have asserted.
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To mark #GirlsInICT Day industry leaders have shared their options on the ongoing struggle and importance of encourage more girls into the ICT arena.

Victoria Grey, CMO at Nexsan, said: “The technology industry is well known for being a male dominated environment, which is a shame because I think a diverse industry is the starting point for exceptional innovation and development as new perspectives can encourage out of the box thinking and creativity.

“As technology leaders, it is important that we encourage the next generation of girls to embark on a career in ICT and take steps to remedy the lack of females in the industry and guarantee a more diverse and innovative workforce in the future.”

Marianne Calder, VP & MD for EMEA at Puppet, said: “Today, only five percent of leadership positions in the tech industry are held by women. This needs to change.

“As vice president of Puppet in EMEA, I see it as one of my responsibilities to inspire future generations to become technology leaders regardless of gender, race, background or preference.”

Having spent many years in the technology space, I personally love working in the dynamic and fast paced environment, and the constant push for innovation is exciting to me.

“At Puppet, we’re committed to the inclusion of all people. Everyone can have a positive impact to create a meaningful shift in the gender gap.

“As someone with a passion for technology, if I could offer advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in tech it would be to seek out STEM activities (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and internship experiences. They will give you a good foundational sense of what it will take to be successful in the industry and provide an opportunity to develop skills necessary to work in a business environment.”

Jillian Mansolf, CCO at Xirrus, said:

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with a variety of inspirational leaders in IT and there is no doubt that diversity in teams always enhances the creative process and achieves the best results.”

“While it is wonderful to see more young women pursuing engineering and IT-related degrees, there is still ample room to encourage study at earlier stages of education and to make sure that – both girls and boys – have the support they need to pursue learning science, math and technology.”

Kayleigh Bateman
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Kayleigh Bateman is the head of digital content and business development at WeAreTheCity. As a journalist there she covers stories about women in IT and looks after its women in technology community. She was previously the special projects editor for Computer Weekly and editor of CW Europe. Kayleigh attended the University of Hertfordshire, where she studied for her BA in English literature, journalism and media cultures. You can contact her at [email protected]

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